How to pray

I’ve just finished reading a book by Gregg Braden on the lost science of prayer (titled The Isaiah Effect) and it gave me the urge to share the fundamental message contained within.

Gregg Braden has spent a lot of his life dedicated to studying traditional cultures and philosophies with an emphasis on those traditions that are still being practised today.  In this book he explains why our prayers are often not answered and what it is we need to do to have them answered.

Based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, it seems certain books and lines were removed from the Christian bible in edits made in the 4th Century by the Council of Nice. The importance of these edits is in the explanations of how to pray.

Matthew 7:7-8 says “Ask and it shall be given you…” and so we ask in our prayers for
what we desire, but asking is not the way. This incredibly marvelous and beautiful life is
a feeling universe and responds to the powerful electromagnetic frequencies of our
hearts, rather than our brains.
It is the combination of mental clarity and visualization and desire/passion that is empowered in our hearts through gratitude and thanks that creates our physical reality.
Asking only emphasizes the existence of what you are currently lacking in your life, whereas generating the feelings of already having something, and giving thanks for the choice you have to decide your reality, is what changes your actual physical experience. This is the message taken from the bible and confirmed time and time again in ancient texts and by living cultures that have maintained their traditions and wisdom throughout the centuries.
To quote Gregg “Once we have created the image of our desire in our mind and felt the feeling of the desire fulfilled within our heart, it has already happened!”
Now go and feel life like never before 🙂

Free from Thought (when you choose to be)

Why would anyone want to be free from thought?

Quite simply, because thought is the source of ALL your pain and suffering. So unless you are masochistic by nature and like to suffer – actually fairly common from what I have observed, although admittedly unconsciously as I don’t think any sane person would consciously choose to suffer – it seems logical to me that you would choose to aleviate yourself of the cause of pain.

I’m not talking about thought in terms of the skills you have learnt or useful knowledge to perform tasks, but about psychological knowledge which constitutes your world view, opinions and beliefs (memory).

Not sure what the heck I’m talking about or what that actually means? Okay, so just sit in a comfortable position for a moment, take a few deep breaths and consciously relax your body. Now consciously relax your mind while still breathing deeply and slowly become more and more relaxed…

Negate all thought, even if just for a few seconds and while your mind is free of thought, albeit for a brief moment, be aware of the feelings and sensations.

Is there pain? Suffering? Anguish, worry, fear…? Judgement, criticism, complaint…?

Is there peace, harmony, tranquility? An absence of need, want or desire?

Is anything important?

That’s what I’m talking about. Regardless of whether or not it is possible to remain in such a state for any significant length of time, I consciously and clearly desire to be there.

“Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory” Albert Schweitzer

“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind” Lionel Hampton

“People don’t realize that now is all there ever is; there is no past of furture except as memory or anticipation in your mind” Eckhart Tolle


It’s not about What, it’s about How

What’s the meaning of life? What’s the point of living?

All of us ask ourselves at one time or another (or regularly!) questions like “What should I do with my life to be happy?”, “What can I do to improve my life?”, “Am I doing what I was born to do?”, “If I could only do…..then things would be better”. Ad infinitum.

We spend our lives focused on what. What to do now, what not to do, what to do next, what we did, or didn’t, do days, weeks or years ago, what we should, shouldn’t, must, mustn’t, would like to do etc. while at the same time what we really want is simply to feel good, regardless of what we are doing.

If we are doing something we would usually identify as pleasant but are not feeling good then it’s not a nice experience, is it? But if we are doing something we would usually identify as unpleasant but are feeling good then it would be a nice experience, despite the circumstances, wouldn’t it?

So WHAT you are doing matters but little my friend – peace, joy, happiness and pleasantness are only found in the HOW of things. How I am doing what I am doing is the key to a joyful life. As the adage goes, it’s about the journey and not the destination. It’s true!

Now HOW is all about awareness. The more awareness you bring to what you are doing, the more you are focused on the how, rather than the what. Awareness lets in the joy of simply living and closes the door to memory and its interminable mind games.

Yeh; i know, theory is always the easy part and intellectually understanding something doesn’t change a damn thing. Well, actually understanding intellectually IS the first step in change. Once an intellectualy understanding is assimilated emotionally then it starts to become real change.

To take the step from intellectual understanding to emotional requires you to have a heightend awareness of your physical body – Emotion being e-motion, or energy-in-motion. Energy in motion within your body creates your feelings, thoughts and actions, so it really is the building block of your life experience.

When you are aware of the energy flowing through your body at any given time (where it is, how strong, pleasant or unpleasant…) then you have a heightened appreciation of your state and are consequently living in the HOW rather than the what.

When you are actually aware of something you are able to make a conscious choice to either stay with it or change it, aren’t you? A lack of awareness is when you lose control and become a victim of your mind’s madness.

As always, you mind would love you to think that true peace either doesn’t exist or requires you to be an extraordianary human being or requires you to live and die thousands of times first, when in reality it’s a consequence of just being outside of the mind.

Breathe deep, relax and feel the energy!

“How can one ever know anything if they are too busy thinking?” Gautama Buddha

“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life” Buddha




Law of Attraction

When the now famous book The Secret came out around 10 years ago I tried intently to understand it and apply the lessons in the book in my life. Considering my business was sold, I lost my home and then was divorced within the five years following reading the book I think I could safely say I didn’t get the message.

In the last five years, however, my life has gone from strength to strength and I have achieved everything I have set out to achieve (only limited by my own expectations of what is possible). Without being consciously aware of it, I have improved my understanding of, and application of, one of the most powerful laws of life – the Law of Attraction.

There are many ways to name and describe this law but for me the greatest realisation has been through the concept of vibration. The Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Vibration. In its essence, everything is energy: we are energy. That is, we are constantly vibrating and those vibrations are determined by what we are thinking and feeling.

Now, for me, the real breakthrough was when I finally understood that the vibrations created from our thoughts and feelings happen inside us, and only inside us. It makes no difference who or what you are thinking about, who or what you are looking at or who or what you are talking to -everything happens inside our own bodies. That is why “what goes around comes around”. In fact, its not even going around, we are simply just creating it inside ourselves with every thought and every feeling.

Anger, sadness, frustration, bitterness, despair, spite and all negative thoughts are creating negative emotions inside our body, regardless of who these thoughts are directed at. They may or may not affect the other person, but they sure as hell affect ourselves. We are our own worst enemy!

Oh, and our own best friend, if we choose to be so.

That brings me to my second realisation and that is how fundamental it is to love and appreciate yourself. I cannot stress this enough!! I am not talking about arrogance or pride, but of an essential self-respect and tenderness towards oneself. You cannot be to another as you are not to yourself – fact. To love and care for you is to love and care for others. It really is that simple.

Oh, and you are the only one who can do this. This is your greatest responsibility and your key to all.

When you see that every thought and every feeling is created within you and literally changes who you are, you must come to a realisation of how important it is to treat every thought and feeling with its due attention because with every vibration they create, they are defining your tomorrow.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” Buddha

“It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction” Charles Haanel



“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” Confucius

When your mind is truly silent, you are left with only your senses through which to perceive life. You are once again a small child, connected to your body and “thinking” with all and every one of your trillions of cells, rather than just those found in the grey matter between your ears.

This is not a forced, deliberate silence, but a silence that comes from just letting go. That is, seeing the stupidity and harm of wayward thinking and deliberately negating it all.

It’s a place void of the desire, demand and conflict that represents our habitual thinking and that energises more of the same. You are responding to life, rather than reacting.

There is no need or want, but a curiosity and wonder about what is and a healthy sensitivity towards your body’s needs. There is a physical aliveness and a sense that this is what is real; this is reality as it is, unadulterated.

This is truly the end of suffering and demonstrates with crystal clarity that uncontrolled thinking is the source of all our woes. The sense of freedom and peace that flows over you is incomparable.

Don’t think twice, or even once! See random thought for what it is and see clearly the suffering it creates. Know this is so and, therefore, determine to drop it completely. To simply refuse to give it any attention or energy. Silence will be the consequence, rather than the goal. Now enjoy…


“My Mind is like a bad neighbourhood, I don’t like to go there alone!” Anne Lamott

Be Responsible

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” Bob Dylan

The greatest lesson in life I got from my mum was not to be a victim. She taught me, bless her, through always playing the victim herself. As a child it confused and frustrated me, even bringing me to hate her at times, but as an adult with a broader view on life I came to understand it was a precious gift she had given me.

To take responsibility for your actions and to understand that life is not personal, are two fundamental insights to becoming a mature adult. On the other hand, victimisation is a destructive and self-centred habit that only brings suffering to yourself and those around you.

As one of 7.5 billion humans on the planet, we must all take seriously the responsibility we have to contribute to a peaceful and harmonious world. That responsibility starts and ends with ourselves, because only through taking care of ourselves first can we be of any positive influence on those around us and society in general.

Stop looking outside of you for excuses, reasons or justifications and start facing the fact that life pretty much gives to you according to your actions and your expectations. Take this knowledge as an opportunity, not a threat! It is through this same marvellous law that you can be exactly as you choose to be.

When you accept responsibility for your actions, life becomes much easier and naturally takes you to better ground as you are open to learn and adjust and therefore break the cycle of repeating the same behaviours over and over.

Life isn’t just about you, but about the bigger picture and how your thoughts and actions affect those people around you that you care about. It’s your decision to take the road of victim or victor, my opinion being life is way to short to waste time in excuses and sorrow. Find that burning flame of why you need to act responsibly and that in itself will start you on the right choices.




“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” Zig Ziglar

Consciousness, or awareness, is the key to everything. The more conscious, or aware, you are, then the closer you are to living life as it actually is, so take Zig Ziglar’s advice and re-read this blog ad infinitum.

So, there´s a lot of literature and talk about living “consciously” with every breath and every step…but what does that mean exactly and, more importantly, can we know when we are being conscious?

I once did a group activity where 3 from the group were previously selected to observe the rest of us performing a task. As I naturally tend to take the lead in group activities I soon found myself leading the task at hand and, at least to my own reckoning, doing a good job at organising and delegating.

Low and behold at the end of the activity I was blasted on various points that the observers noted – all of which landed like a wet sock striking my face. My ego was hurt but on reflection I could not argue with objective observation and had to accept the critiques.

Needless to say, assuming I am not an exception to the rule, we are not who we think we are and we do not act how we think we act, at least most of the time. Depending on the situation we are more or less blinded by our prejudices and beliefs and interpret events through these filters, incapable of just seeing the world for what it is in that moment.

Being truly conscious means being able to “see” beyond these filters and simply take each and every moment of life for what it is in that very moment. Easier said than done! Still, the path begins once you understand this truth and determine to act according to it. It cannot be forced or programmed, only determined with absolute clarity and commitment. The seeing and commitment will bring about a natural change in awareness, as long as you relax and have faith that the change will happen.

As with all psychological challenges, you cannot ask the problem to solve itself so you are left “simply” with understanding, clarity and commitment. Yes, you can!

“What is necessary to change a person is to change their awareness of themselves.” Abraham Maslow


The Meaning of Life

Ah! If only I knew the answer to this question, I would finally live in peace. Ring a bell? It certainly rings true for me. After a lifetime of existential pondering, principal of which is the aforementioned question, there can be only one logical answer: life itself.

Our brains will insist that there must be something more. There must be some higher purpose for each of us to make this crazy life seem meaningful. Surely! But what has your life taught you? Have you found peace? Have you discovered a meaning in your life which has responded to all your doubts and taken away all your suffering?

If you have, then stop being selfish and share it with us all!! 🙂

As we have previously looked at, you will never find peace or the meaning of life searching within your own limited brain – that is, your past experiences and acquired knowledge. How can you? Your brain only knows what you have done, learnt and seen up to this moment so there is nothing new that it can offer you.

So any meaning to life can only be found outside of your past. That is, beyond the limitation of your thinking brain, and beyond this there is no “meaning of life”; the question itself simply doesn’t exist. Beyond thought there is no need to search , become or give meaning to anything.

Just live. Don’t fall into the trap of asking the cause of your problems to solve itself – that is madness. The only sane way to live is beyond thought, which is to say free of the need to ask questions at all. That will take a load off your shoulders to start with!

Thought is the cause of all your problems. Thought wants you to believe there is a meaning to life and so keeps you anxiously seeking an answer. You will likely receive a dozen possibilities and continue exploring one or many until the day you die without getting a truly satisfying answer. Because there isn’t one.

We can be free only when we finally internalise the FACT that thought is the source of suffering and therefore cannot be the source of true freedom. True peace, freedom and meaning lies beyond thought and can never be described, labeled or experienced. It just is and that can never be understood by thought.

Unsatisfied with the explanation? This is a pill you brain will downright refuse to swallow – but that’s your choice to listen to it or not. Yes, you can!

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” Joseph Campbell

“Life has to be given a meaning for the obvious fact that it has no meaning.” Henry Miller



We are all caught in a very subtle trap, and it all starts with memory.

Our first memories are usually from the ages of 3+ so as a new-born child and infant we have no memory. This is important because it is memory that creates “me” and “my story” through experience, knowledge and possession. This is mine, that was my birthday, I experienced that, I suffered this…When memory begins, we are immediately isolated from the world around us as “me” and begin to see the world through this “me” rather than just as it is.

As our knowledge and experience is added to and reinforced we become more and more sure of certain things which become our beliefs. So memory (stored in the brain) forms our beliefs. We continue to accumulate knowledge and experience about ourselves so becoming more sure of our self image.

The source of our ills stems exactly from this capacity to remember. Our memory creates “me” and it creates our beliefs. With this internal framework of what we believe the world to be like and what we believe ourself to be like we create the filter with which we experience reality.

So we are always looking at and experiencing reality through our memory – that is, the past. By definition, our vision of the world is not real nor actual. It is, and will always be, limited, That is why we generally repeat the same behaviours and mistakes over and over in life, perhaps fine-tuning this or that and learning a little from our mistakes, but our fundamental beliefs and core values remain the same over time.

So we are limited by what our memory dictates to us in the form of beliefs and habits and these define our quality of life. We then look to this same memory for answers on how to change habits and beliefs to improve our quality of life. Doesn’t make sense – a problem cannot solve itself!

So, if we cannot ask the question “how do I change”, what can we do?

Observe without memory

Only when your brain is silent can the mind (universal intelligence) guide you in right action. And that can only happen NOW. Not tomorrow, gradually over time or any other moment in the future.

The only time you will ever “change” is right now, and the only way you will achieve this is by doing nothing – just observing without memory (a silent brain). Don’t ask how to observe without memory because you are asking memory about that!! Just do it 🙂

“We need silence to be able to touch souls” Maria Teresa






Be present in the moment

8 seconds.

That is the average human concentration span. We are SO far gone from actual reality that it comes as no surprise to me whatsoever that the world is what it is. Our minds are incessantly remembering, obsessing, criticising, complaining, dreaming…basically making noise in order to avoid the dreaded silence.

We are encumbered by fear and anxiety and obsessed by desire and the avoidance of pain. We are lost in the fantastical lands of yesterday and tomorrow. A nasty cocktail indeed that manifests in a world of violence, suffering and inequality.

The ego’s sole purpose is to create its own reality and have us believe that it is the right and only one. Through the creation of time and a false “me” it keeps us trapped in the past and future. Yet time doesn’t exist and neither does this false “me” and the “story of my life”.

Time doesn’t exist because you cannot go back to yesterday and when you were there it was “today”. You cannot go into tomorrow because when it comes it is “today”. There is only today, and to be more specific, there is only a continual movement of moments that constitute reality.

The “story of me” is not real because it is a subjective interpretation of my life experiences expressed through thought. This story creates your beliefs and values which in turn determine your thoughts, feelings and actions which define your reality; a reality which in 99.9% of humans is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

But surely the singular purpose in life is to live in harmony and peace?

Regardless of what you have, where you are and what you are doing, if you do not feel happy and at peace your quality of life is suffering. It is stated in the practise of Buddhism that the very objective of life is to be in peace at the moment of your death.

To live happily and peacefully the majority of the time requires that you accept the present moment as the only true reality. Can you see and understand this as an irrefutable fact?

When you clearly see this it doesn’t mean you are instantly free of the burdens of the past and anxieties of the future, but it does mean you are more aware of their nature and this awareness will help you to live more in the present moment.

Living more in the present moment is about seeing it is the one true reality and understanding that real peace can only exist in that moment. It isn’t about abandoning your dreams and aspirations or forgetting your past, but about releasing yourself from attachment to your past and to your desires.

The past has happened for you to learn lessons and grow (hopefully!), so take those lessons and leave the emotional attachment behind (no amount of anger or tears will ever change it).  looking to the future to become more and achieve more is only destructive if you are attached to that vision meaning you will be highly emotional if you don’t reach your goals. It is highly unlikely you are currently doing today as you planned or thought you would be doing 3 years ago, so why be surprised or disappointed when life takes you in a different path than expected when that is the norm?

I don’t know if we were meant to live 100% of the time in the present moment, but I do know that this is where you will find true peace. It is not a bucket-list tick or goal to gradually achieve. it requires clarity and understanding combined with a firm desire and determination, but without attachment or you will once again be caught up in your ego’s story of me.

Reflect, understand, relax and enjoy the vast silence and peace that can only be found right now, and now, and now…

“Look lovingly at the present, for it holds the only things that are forever true.” A Course in Miracles

“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” Buddha

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” Eckhart Tolle