Be Responsible

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” Bob Dylan

The greatest lesson in life I got from my mum was not to be a victim. She taught me, bless her, through always playing the victim herself. As a child it confused and frustrated me, even bringing me to hate her at times, but as an adult with a broader view on life I came to understand it was a precious gift she had given me.

To take responsibility for your actions and to understand that life is not personal, are two fundamental insights to becoming a mature adult. On the other hand, victimisation is a destructive and self-centred habit that only brings suffering to yourself and those around you.

As one of 7.5 billion humans on the planet, we must all take seriously the responsibility we have to contribute to a peaceful and harmonious world. That responsibility starts and ends with ourselves, because only through taking care of ourselves first can we be of any positive influence on those around us and society in general.

Stop looking outside of you for excuses, reasons or justifications and start facing the fact that life pretty much gives to you according to your actions and your expectations. Take this knowledge as an opportunity, not a threat! It is through this same marvellous law that you can be exactly as you choose to be.

When you accept responsibility for your actions, life becomes much easier and naturally takes you to better ground as you are open to learn and adjust and therefore break the cycle of repeating the same behaviours over and over.

Life isn’t just about you, but about the bigger picture and how your thoughts and actions affect those people around you that you care about. It’s your decision to take the road of victim or victor, my opinion being life is way to short to waste time in excuses and sorrow. Find that burning flame of why¬†you need to act responsibly and that in itself will start you on the right choices.