“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” Confucius

When your mind is truly silent, you are left with only your senses through which to perceive life. You are once again a small child, connected to your body and “thinking” with all and every one of your trillions of cells, rather than just those found in the grey matter between your ears.

This is not a forced, deliberate silence, but a silence that comes from just letting go. That is, seeing the stupidity and harm of wayward thinking and deliberately negating it all.

It’s a place void of the desire, demand and conflict that represents our habitual thinking and that energises more of the same. You are responding to life, rather than reacting.

There is no need or want, but a curiosity and wonder about what is and a healthy sensitivity towards your body’s needs. There is a physical aliveness and a sense that this is what is real; this is reality as it is, unadulterated.

This is truly the end of suffering and demonstrates with crystal clarity that uncontrolled thinking is the source of all our woes. The sense of freedom and peace that flows over you is incomparable.

Don’t think twice, or even once! See random thought for what it is and see clearly the suffering it creates. Know this is so and, therefore, determine to drop it completely. To simply refuse to give it any attention or energy. Silence will be the consequence, rather than the goal. Now enjoy…


“My Mind is like a bad neighbourhood, I don’t like to go there alone!” Anne Lamott